Our History

From 1960 we have been one of the first companies in Egypt to export candies, sweets, chocolate, loukoum in many types and shapes, chocolate-covered dates and dried fruits. We export our products to many countries like Australia and Canada.

1- All kinds of natural juices such as mango juice, besides grapefruit, peach, apricot, orange, tomato, apple, pineapple, fruit cocktail juice.
2- All kinds of jam and mermalade from natural fruits.
3- All tomato products including tomato sauce, ketchup, and hot sauce.
4- Natural concentrates for all kinds of juice and tomatoes.
5- All kinds of high-quality candies and chocolates.
6- All kinds of sweetened, preserved fruits in sugar solution and almond (malban) with nut mixture.
7- All kinds of dried fruits like Kamar El-Din.


Our products are always fresh!